is for working professionals who are looking for diversification and better returns outside of traditional investments such as mutual funds and stocks.

The Hui Deal Pipeline Club is a free investor club where I filter investments and underwrite the numbers and partners myself. Unlike other investor lists and groups, my investors have personal access to me and know that I personally have skin in the game investing alongside with my investors. 

Not going to lie, you are going to need money to invest in these deals. If you are low on liquidity but support the mission of getting people out of the corrupt Wall Street roller coaster and into Main Street investments consider joining the team!

I started this investor group because I wanted to create a community and personally see each of you get to your goals financially. I don't see myself as a guru but a facilitator of this great Co-op group of investors to crowdfund due-diligence and bring opportunities to the group.

There are other fundraisers out there that will train their investors down to 8-14% IRRs on crappy deals with a lot of risk. And some syndications have no experience doing small residential single family rentals or joined an apartment investing mentorship group to learn operations and proper analysis. Often these sales people are doing "deals to do deals" to pick up acquisition fees.

By investing alongside with you folks I am in the GP side and looking to expand my track record and gain experience the right way.

Please know that I take great respect in running my syndication business as I am well aware that each deal I put out there is putting my brand reputation on the line. I intend to be here for a long time and hope that you will keep coming back and bring your friends.

Hui (hu ee) - Definition: to join; meet; unite; form a club; partnership; union

Some investments (syndications) that I am involved with require you to be an accredited investor. Others are simple solo investments or small JV projects.

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You agree to keep these deal confidential and to not circumvent. This does not constitute an endorsement of these deals nor guarantee the investment... think for yourself!

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